Rush For Me

Rush For Me was founded in 2014 on the principle of assisting the time challenged people in today’s society. Today’s busy life style means people don’t get time for simple errands like paying tax, ordering cake, planning birthday parties etc. By all means people don’t get time to mange daily tasks which can  be personal or business.

We offer various services such as life management tasks, including running errands, delivery services, finance such as paying bills, shopping such as purchasing gifts for your loved ones. Our personal assistant would perform any task whether personal or professional.

We provide any kind of service which you think can be done on a phone call. Some examples below:

  1. Delivering Seamless experience of door step delivery of services, such as Food, movie tickets, 
  2. cheques, stitched clothes.
  3. Successfully applied for provident fund for an employee in Bangalore, in turn saved his precious tme 
  4. and travel cost from Bangalore.
  5. Paid Gram Panchayat Municipal Tax for a flat owned by a customer residing in US, in turn saved him from fine and defaults.
  6. On time delivered critical illness medicine to an elderly couple at RGA airport.
  7. A surprise delivery of a cake with a greeting card, chocolates and flower bouquet to a customer, at 12  O’clock in the night. It was delivered on a special request by his beloved from Ahmadabad.

Rush for me is definitely be your one-stop destination for all your personal and business needs as we provide professional services to our customers, giving priority to safety and satisfaction.Our runners are professionals, trained and verified who can make the difference between customers satisfaction and client delight. We have a proven track record providing best customer service by providing the professional services and give priority to safety and security of your product by taking the ownership.

If you have questions relating to a specific requirement, you should speak with our customer support manager at 9000500600 or mail us at


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