Rush For Me

Rush For Me is dedicated to accomplishing your tasks and projects in a friendly manner. ‘Rush For Me’ runs personal errand service and delivery service, your personal and business tasks. Our goal is to complete your tasks quickly and accurately. Busy individuals who need a little help getting their day to day errands done.

We provide services that that takes care of your mundane tasks, such as delivery services (Lunch boxes, parcels, documents..etc), paying bills, submission of forms, shopping such as purchasing gifts for your loved ones. We take care of any task that can be done without your personal visit. Please visit our site or call us at 9000500600.

We have been very helpful for our customers and they were very satisfied by our service, some of the examples are below:

  1. Successfully delivered famous Paradise Biryani to a client at Secunderabad Railway Station, during its 10 minutes halt at the station. The customer was travelling from Vijayawada to Chennai.
  2.  Channel partners with 90 Degree Projects Architects and Interiors and help them in their critical last  minute opening necessities.
  3.  We were the savior for a patient during an emergency at care hospital, arranged blood for him prior to the operation.
  4. Extend help to old age home delivery services for free, as a part of corporate social responsibility. 
  5. Help home driven imitation jewelers to deliver jewelry to their clients instantly.
  6. Deliver mangoes to the customers of an online ecommerce company within two hours, with nominal  charge, lowest when compared with other logistics companies.

This is your first step towards enjoying a wide range of benefits and privileges Rush For Me has to offer. We have designed offers that cater to your unique lifestyle, from dining, to shopping, to travelling, giving you a one-stop destination to all your needs.




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